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Due to the high level of flexibility KISSsys can be used in many different ways:

Design and development

Thanks to the management of system parameters KISSsys increases the safety for sizing and calculation review because the correct outer parameters flow into a machine element calculation. Since it is possible to use variants all alternatives can be considered in parallel, and thus the optimal variant can be successively worked out.

KISSsys warns you if target resistance is underranged, if a design presents spatial problems, if overall efficiency underranges a critical threshold, and this in turns increases the goal orientation in the sizing.

Inhouse applications

In most companies there is one expert or a few experts for certain calculation problems. If such experts can allow their knowledge to flow into a special KISSsys application, then other employees can benefit from this expert knowledge and thus offload the highly qualified employees.

Catalog calculations

If a catalog with performance data will be created for a series, then by depicting variants within KISSsys, the work can be significantly accelerated and designed more reliably.


Products with rigorous technical specifications often require sales personnel to execute basic calculations at the customer's site, which can facilitate a preliminary decision. For example, a special KISSsys variant allows a sales person to make calculation models of the components in question available on a laptop. Thus the sales person can structure his customer presentation on a solid basis and even find a technically and economically optimal solution jointly with the customer.

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