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The situation

Today the study of engineering should include the handling of modern relevant software. For mechanical engineering students such software is primarily represented by CAD and calculation programs. At KISSsoft AG we are interested in introducing our program to future engineers during their formal education. It is clear that a program like KISSsoft cannot replace the learning of calculation methods "by hand". However, when used correctly such a program can multiply the learning effect of a lecture, e.g. through accompanying practical applications.

In the past the consistent problem has been procurement and maintenance of the software. The software budgets of colleges are often limited to such an extent that only the licenses that are absolutely necessary can be purchased.

Our offer (only valid for Europe)

KISSsoft is only offered as a full version to colleges. The college installation is free of charge.

If a college signs the KISSsoft general college contract, then it will receive a network version from KISSsoft with any number of parallel accesses.

The delivered software must be available to students, and it must be used in at least one teaching event per year. The software cannot be used for commercial purposes under any circumstances. Written permission from KISSsoft AG must be obtained for use in projects that include financing via third-party funds. This primarily affects masters' projects and doctoral projects and similar work.

Student version

For students there is a student license that virtually corresponds to the full version. The license is limited to one year. When this license is purchased the student gets a license key for release. The software will be activated on one computer for one year. If the key is lost, or if the activation is lost, regardless of the reason (new computer, hardware defect), there is no claim for replacement.

As part of the college contract, the college is obliged to organize the ordering and distribution of student licenses. For this, student enquiries are collected and the number of required licenses keys is communicated to KISSsoft.

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